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Rules and Regulations of Dundee and Angus Cani-Cross

  1. It is the owners responsibility to check if they their dog is fit and healthy to run.

  2. Everyone participates at their own risk and is solely responsible for them self and their dog.

  3. If you participate with a borrowed dog – you assume the responsibility for the dog.

  4. If you are new to Dundee & Angus Cani-Cross  please complete an online disclaimer before attending a run.

  5. All participants must be polite and courteous to members of the public and bear in mind they are a representative of Dundee & Angus Cani-Cross.

  6. All participants must follow the guidance of members of the committee.

  7. The committee has complete discretion if they wish to remove a participant and their dog(s) from the group, this must be respected and acknowledged that a decision to do so will not be made lightly.

  8. The committee reserves the right to request any dog be muzzled.

  9. Children participating under the age of 16 can run with the group but the responsibility of the child lies with the parent/guardian or carer at all times.

  10. Please ensure you pick up after your dog and dispose of this appropriately.

  11. Appropriate equipment is to be used on the dogs at all times.  If in any doubt please seek advice from a committee member.

  12. Dundee & Angus Cani-Cross can provide spare kit to those who need it – it’s the runners responsibility to check condition and suitability of kit before running.

  13. If there is an incident or accident whilst participating with Dundee & Angus Cani-cross  please inform a committee member as soon as possible and in all cases prior to leaving the run.

  14. All dogs must be attached to the runner during club runs, unless otherwise dictated/allowed by the run organiser.

  15. Bitches in season are not permitted at club runs.

  16. A maximum of 2 dogs per runner at any one time is permitted, regardless of size or breed.

  17. There is a 3 run rule maximum – if you are new and haven't become a member you can run with Dundee & Angus Cani-Cross as a trial period to a maximum of three runs before you are required to join as a member.

  18. Dundee and Angus Canicross Club take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal data for the sole purpose of administering your membership and will not pass any of your personal information onto and third parties.  For further information, read our full privacy policy here.

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