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Canicross is Cross Country Running with your dog. To take part you will need the following:


  1. A Dog over 1 year old (or two if you want to go really fast!)

  2. A Running Belt (for you)

  3. A Harness (for your dog)

  4. A Bungee Line (to attach your belt to your dog's harness)

  5. The ability to run/jog/walk either 5K / 3.1Miles (Long Course) or 2.3K / 1.4 Miles (Short Course)


See the videos of us checking out the race routes on the "course" page for an idea of how it works.  


If you are local to Dundee why not come along to one of The Dundee And Angus Cani-Cross regular runs and try it out for yourself or to find out more (kit available for hire & purchase). Find us on Facebook or come along to Camperdown Country Park on Thursday Evening at 6.30pm (First car park on right if you come in through the main entrance).


Or if you are not local to the area then find your local group here: Canicross Training Groups

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